Why Does Your Roof Leak?

Information Offered by a Proficient Residential Roofer

 Let’s face the truth, even the best roofing systems will fail some day. Nobody wants to run around with a bucket inside their home every time it rains. Knowing more about the reasons why roofs leak will help you recognize such a problem early and know when to hire a professional residential roofer to troubleshoot it.

  • Aging; One of the main reasons for roof leakage is because of the age. Can you recall the time when your system was installed? When did you last call a roof repair technician? If you don’t remember, maybe you should consider replacing it instead of paying for frequent repairs.

  • Broken shingles; Another typical cause of roof water ingress is because you have damaged shingles on the rooftop, this one is easy to spot. Just look up. What do you see? Do you notice big sections with broken or missing shingles or discoloration? If so, the weather has taken its toll on your roof, and it’s time you call a professional to inspect it.

  • Cracked flashing; Flashing is the metal material installed underneath the shingles and the joints for better water-resistance. However, in time, this material can crack leading to a compromised water-resistant barrier and water penetration in your attic. Roofers will have to seal the flashing or replace it entirely.

  • Improperly-sealed valleys; A Valley is the area where two planes of the roof come together. Since these areas are typically sloped, if they are not sealed properly, rainwater will start to accumulate turning into puddles. They will end up inside your house eventually. The possible remedy is to reseal the valleys again or lay a new leak barrier.

  • Cracked vents; Roof vents look like small pipes coming out of the rooftop. When they crack or deteriorate, they cannot direct the excess water and moisture out of the roof resulting in leakage.


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